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We’re Local. We’re Unique. We’re Personal

About Whisk: Cary, NC’s Premier Kitchen Store

Welcome to Whisk! Located in Cary, NC and dreamed up by Dan and Diana Saklad, Whisk is a unique kitchen supply store offering specialized services and cooking classes.

First, an introduction.
We are Dan and Diana Saklad, founders of Whisk. We created Whisk because we had a vision of building a local cooking and kitchen store where you (our customers) could find everything for the cook, all in one place:

  • Interact with a staff who has a deep knowledge and enthusiasm for cooking
  • Find innovative, reliable cookware and kitchen supplies from skilled artisans and exceptional brands
  • Gain valuable knowledge through cooking classes
  • Be inspired to cook! 

We want Whisk to be that place that you keep coming back to because you like shopping here. The kind of place where the staff is enthusiastic and knowledgeable, there is always something new to pique your interest, and the services are unique and value-added. The kind of place you walk into and say, "Whisk is the best kitchen store in North Carolina."

We Share Your Love of Cooking!

We love to cook, experiment, and play in the kitchen. Whether it is a party, a gathering with family and friends, or a simple family dinner, we have always found the kitchen to be the center of action in the house. Spending as much time as we do in the kitchen, we’ve come to understand how great kitchen gadgets, gourmet ingredients, and cookware can really transform your entire cooking experience.
We created Whisk as a place for you to feel that same enjoyment by introducing you to some great kitchenware products, and enhancing your culinary knowledge and proficiency through our cooking classes and demonstrations.
– Dan and Diana Saklad