6 Go-to Wedding Gifts



Is your calendar already full of weddings this summer? If so, you’re probably struggling to find the right gift for the bride and groom. Sure, they may have a registry, but wouldn’t you like to give them something unique? The experts at Whisk have rounded up the wedding gifts we think that would be the most use to newlyweds!


Le Creuset Dutch Oven

A must-have for the couple that loves to cook, the Le Creuset dutch oven is an essential in the kitchen. Backed by decades of innovative cooking technology, this is one piece that will cook, fry and bake your dishes to perfection.

Personalized Cutting Board

What better way to celebrate the bride and groom’s special day than with a cutting board with their new last name or initials? An item in their kitchen they’ll use every day, you can give this gift knowing that it will be functional reminder of when they said “I do.”

GoVino Cheers! Champagne Glasses

Give the couple something they can say “cheers!” with when they’re spending time by the beach on their honeymoon. These GoVino glasses are shatterproof–which means they’re perfect for any adventure for the newlyweds!

Set of Knives

Start their kitchen off with set of knives that they’ll get ample use of for the next few decades. Whisk has a knife wall with plenty of top brands that will give them the foundation they need to cook in their new space.

Saute Pan

Another basic kitchen necessity, a saute pan does so much more than simply saute. The shape of this style of pan is perfect for most any kind of recipe the newlyweds want to try out. Find it at Whisk!

Pressure Cooker

The simple-to-use gadget is great for cooking rice, chicken, veggies and more. Pressure cookers are a favorite because of their rapid cooking time. If you’re looking for a gift that will save the couple time on busy evenings, then consider purchasing one just for them!


If you’re feeling inspired to get the bride and groom something that will help build the foundation to a solid kitchen, then look no further than the many gadgets and cookware at Whisk. We’re happy to help you find the perfect gift! Stop in today.