Becoming the Host With the Most: Your Guide to Summer Entertaining


Everyone knows that summer is enough of a reason to throw a fun gathering filled with your favorite family and friends. Here at Whisk, we know what it takes to throw a successful backyard get together, which is why we’re rounding up the best tips and tricks to ensure your party is the hit of the neighborhood.


Govino Glasses - Govino glasses are the perfect vessel for serving delicious cocktails, local beer or crisp wine. These glasses are shatterproof, which means broken glass at your party will not be a problem. Govino comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate whatever beverage you’ll be serving.


iGenetti Watermelon Slicer - Serve this summertime favorite with ease! By using the iGenetti Watermelon Slicer, you can slice and extract from the fruit with a simple gesture–all while eliminating the rind.

Meat Claws - A must-have in every griller’s arsenal, these claws help create even, shredded meat for a variety of BBQ dishes. We’re proud to offer these to make it even easier to serve tasty eastern or western-style BBQ at your backyard party. At Whisk, we also offer a huge selection of tools dedicated to grilling–it’s worth checking out!


Kilner Drinks Dispenser - This cute addition to your table holds up to 5 liters of your favorite beverage and easily dispenses through a tap. Consider filling it with lemonade, flavored water or classic sweet iced tea.


Le Creuset 10 quart stock pot - The Le Creuset stock pot is perfect for boiling sweet corn! Engineered with enameled steel, your water heats up quickly, so this delicious veggie can be served even faster.


OXO Corn Stripper - If you’re not a fan of eating corn straight off the cob, the OXO corn striper cuts kernels and captures them in the integrated container to eliminate mess.


After you’ve got the right tools to entertain, you’ve got to know how to host a party like a pro. Here are a few tips to ensure your gathering runs as smoothly as possible.

Repel Mosquitos - Despite having a guest list full of people you love, there will always be someone who shows up uninvited–the mosquito. The perk of celebrating summer is the fact we get to do it outside, but the downside is unwanted insects. Use candles that are made with pest-repelling ingredients to keep bugs away from your guests and food. Plus, candles are a stylish touch to your decor.

Keep it Cool - You don’t want your guests uncomfortable, which is why the best time to host your outdoor party is after the heat of the day. Evening and night gatherings are guaranteed to be more enjoyable than getting everyone together at 3pm in the afternoon.

Have Plenty of Seating - Don’t leave guests standing around when they’re eating. Think about how many people you plan to invite and asses your furniture situation. If you don’t have enough places to sit outdoors, then consider bringing some chairs and stools from inside into your backyard.

Serve Easy-to-Eat Apps - The best part about a party is the chance to mingle with people you haven’t seen in a long time. Keep your guests happy, and chatting with each other, by serving small and easy-to-eat appetizers. At Whisk, we’ve thought up quite a few recipes for you to try out.

Manage the Music - Having some background sound at your party helps with the festive ambiance. Make sure you don’t crank the speakers too loud–you still want your guests to be able to hear each other! As far as a genre? Stick to some relaxed tunes from classic artists that everyone will recognize.

Ready, Set, Entertain!

Give us a call today or contact us with any questions about these or other entertaining gadgets we carry! Stop by our location in Cary at the Waverly Place shopping center to see these products in action–we’ll see you soon!