Cooking with Induction


If you’re in the market for cookware that works on an induction stovetop, you may have not considered the fact that not all cookware is created equal when it comes to being “induction-ready.” Before you make any moves, you’ll need to understand the basics, like what is induction cookware and what is the difference between induction and traditional?

How does it work?

An induction burner cooks food by transferring heat generated by magnetic energy (instead of heat from a gas flame or electric element in traditional stovetops) to the food in suitable cookware. If you use the right cookware, however, it will be both energy efficient and cook faster than gas or electric stovetops.

What cookware works with induction?

Magnetic materials that work well with induction cooktops are cast iron, carbon steel and magnetic stainless steel containing iron. Ceramic-clad and enameled pots and pans, like Le Creuset cookware, work with induction stovetops because hidden within the ceramic layer is a magnetic iron pan.

What cookware doesn’t work with induction?

Aluminum, glass and copper pans don’t work with induction stoves unless they are engineered with a layer of a magnetic material on the bottom.

How can you tell if your pots and pans are magnetic or not? Grab a magnet from your fridge and hold it near the bottom surface of the pan. If you let go of the magnet and it sticks to the base of the pan, the pot is magnetic and therefore should work with an induction stovetop.


At Whisk, virtually all of our cookware is optimized for induction cooking. But the beauty of the cookware we sell is that they also designed to perform beautifully on gas, electric, or ceramic cooktops.

All-Clad, Tri-Ply Stainless Steel

Not all stainless steel is created equal. Many manufacturers make their cookware with just a layer of stainless steel and aluminum on the bottom of the pots and pans, but the higher quality brands that Whisk carries extend these layers up the sides to provide the most even heat for cooking. This is really a sweet spot of performance, longevity, and price as long as you purchase a decent set or buy them individually.

The experts at Whisk recommend All-Clad’s Stainless tri-ply line or their D5 line. If you’re wanting a product that is crafted in the USA, made of top grade materials, and that has a lifetime warranty that is actually “backed up” by the manufacturer, this brand is a great choice.


Cast Iron and Carbon Steel

Bare Cast Iron - Perfect for almost all cooking choices

Cast iron has been with us for hundreds of years and the many pots and skillets that have survived over the course of the last century is a testament to its durability. Our personal favorites are Lodge and FINEX. Both are made in the USA of a mixture of pure iron ore and recycled cast iron. If you buy cast iron made in China (i.e. Emeril, Rachel Ray, and whatever flavor of the month is currently popular), you’ll be getting chunkier versions. And who knows where they source their metal?

Whisk2016-32_Lodge (2).jpg

Acidic Foods? Try enameled cast iron

The best tool to cook acidic food with on induction stoves is enameled cast iron cookware that is coated with a porcelain finish. We recommend both Staub and Le Creuset because both of these products are made in France and unlike less expensive versions (made in China) you know that the iron is pure, they won’t chip, and they will last you a lifetime. Their quality is unmatched.

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Carbon Steel - A lighter alternative to cast iron

If you don’t feel like lugging a huge cast iron frying pan up to the induction cooktop, a lighter, but still somewhat weighty, alternative is carbon steel. Primarily made into frying pans and skillets, these offer many of the same searing and sautéing advantages of cast iron. The experts here recommend the De Buyer Mineral B cookware because it is ideal for searing, grilling and browning.

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Innovative Cookware - Non-Stick and Durable


Made in Germany, Woll Diamond Lite Cookware features a cast aluminum body that won’t warp or change shape. The five-layer nonstick surface begins with a diamond-hard base coating and ends with a diamond top coat, creating a nonstick surface that is extremely resistant to cuts and abrasions. This premium surface is in a totally different class than traditional nonstick, delivering even heating for superior browning and searing. Super practical, Woll Diamond Lite Pro Cookware is oven safe up to 500 degrees, dishwasher-safe, and PFOA-free.


Black Cube - The world’s first hybrid cookware

Black Cube combines all the benefits of stainless steel and nonstick cookware. Imagine a nonstick fry pan that is safe for use with metal utensils and can brown like a stainless steel fry pan. This premium tri-ply stainless steel pan is oven safe up to 500 degrees, dishwasher-safe, PFOA-free, and 100% safe to use with metal utensils because it won’t scratch. Not to mention, it’s easy to clean.


We’ve Got the Products for Your Cooking Needs!

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