Whisk’s Delicious Pizza Tips & Tricks



Pizza is a classic favorite no matter the time of year, but summertime just begs for creative toppings like fresh summer fruits and veggies. Whether it’s making the dough from scratch with close friends or calling in delivery as a last resort for dinner, pizza is a natural go-to. At Whisk, we’ve got quite a few tools and gadgets for cooking this favorite to perfection, so read our roundup below and stop in to see them in person!


Pizza Stone

We love the versatility of the pizza stone by Pizzacraft and how it can be used both inside an oven or outside on the grill. This ThermaBond™ stone is specially formulated to promote even heat distribution and extreme durability while cooking. The stone doesn’t require any seasoning or prep, so you can get dinner on the table for your family that much faster.

Pizza Crust Mix

Stonewall Kitchen’s Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix is a flavorful alternative to traditional crust. Enjoy the light and savory taste that cooks to create crispy edges. Just follow the directions on the box to bake, they’re super simple!

Cast Iron Pizza Stone

Lodge’s Cast Iron Pizza Stone has enough surface area to not only cook crispy pizza, but also vegetables and quesadillas. It has the freedom to be used on any kind of cooktop and is designed with handles to easily transfer from one surface to the next.

Rocking Pizza Cutter

The Rocking Pizza Cutter by Pizzacraft divides your pie into even slices with a few quick motions! The secret is in the edge of this tool, that cuts as you rock it back and forth. Compared to the traditional pizza cutter, it’s less likely to break and much easier to clean.

Garlic Press

What’s pizza without some garlic? We’re proud to carry the OXO Good Grips Garlic Press that crushes garlic with a simple squeeze. Constructed with a hole pattern that easily pushes garlic through, the built in cleaner makes the next step of cleaning a breeze.


You’ve gotten the inside scoop on what tools and gadgets to use for cooking pizza, now take some cooking tips from our pros, below!

  • Use a high heat - What separates your pizza from the mouthwatering varieties you find at your favorite local spots? High heat. Depending on how you want your crust to turn out, your temperature will vary. A good starting point? 500 degrees. One thing to remember, cooking on a very high heat means a shorter cook time, so be weary of burning your pizza!

  • Get creative with toppings (but don’t overtop!) - Definitely step outside of the box and use fresh ingredients like summer fruits and veggies, but make sure not to overload your pie. Choose two to three interesting toppings and stick with those, after all, you’ve worked hard on your pizza, you don’t want the taste drowning under too many competing additions!

  • Ditch the oven and use a grill - This tip is especially relevant during the summer months, when everyone would rather be outside! The high heat from the grill gives your pizza a better chance to cook thoroughly and have those crispy edges everyone craves.


“My secret to perfect pizza is having the right thickness of dough for the weight of the toppings. Balancing of flavors and toppings is important too, I find having a full flavor profile is key. Salty and fatty with enough acid and sweet to make it the perfect slice.” - Renee Ramage Burger

“When making your own dough, make sure to use good quality ingredients; allow the dough to rise properly, and do not to overmix the dough. Be creative with shaping your pizza dough–no rules that it has to be perfectly round!” - Carrie DiPietro

“I am a traditionalist, so I go for quality rather than unique or unusual ingredients. I suppose seasonal items such as roasted fennel or very thinly sliced purple cherokee tomatoes might fall into the “unique” category because they are not available year round. “ - Joan Baumer

Ready to amp up your pizza game?

At Whisk, we stand behind every product we sell so you know you’re getting the top-of-the-line gadgets that come highly recommended. After all, if we don’t cook with it, we don’t sell it. Visit our location in Cary’s Waverly Place shopping center and shop these pizza must-haves. We’ll see you soon!