Why You Should Sharpen Your Knives Before Thanksgiving

It’s hard to believe, but Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Have you started thinking about what’s on the menu for this year? While you’re contemplating which casserole to fix or trying to decide whether to roast or brine your turkey, consider sharpening your knives before any preparations begin.


They're More Effective 

Think about your mashed potato dish. If you’re trying to chop raw potatoes with a dull knife, chances are, they’re going to take longer to chop—which is less than ideal if you’re trying to finish three other dishes and have everything on the table when it’s time to eat. A sharp knife takes you through chopping, dicing and mincing with effortless—and effective—force. Any cook knows that even with the best knife on the market, it’s useless if the blade is dull. 


They're Safer 

It’s true. Dull knives offer less control when in use, and that leaves a greater risk of injury while cooking. When you apply an increased amount of force to the object, you’re more likely to slip and come down harder into your hand or fingers.

They're Better for Cooking

Dull knives also damage your food, leaving you with a less precise cut, which can be frustrating and can also make your food look less than perfect. The added force that a dull knife requires when cutting can damage the food you’re trying to prepare as the pressure can result in wilting or discoloration.


How you sharpen your knives can make a huge difference as well as how often. There are many sharpening tools out there that you use at home, but fair warning, they’re not always going to give you the results you need for the perfect chop. Home sharpeners are good for regular knife maintenance, but with them, you can’t cut a new edge, which is what your knife may really need over time.

To breathe new life back into your knives, we recommend having your knives sharpened by a professional, which involves using industrial machinery to grind a crisp new edge to your knife instead of sharpening the dull edge of the blade. What does that mean? This process involves shaving off metal to create a fine, fresh edge. As long as you’re using a sharpener at home after every few uses of your knives, we recommend bringing them in one to two times every year, depending on how frequently you cook, for a professional sharpening.



Whisk in Cary is one of the only places in the Triangle and beyond that offers professional knife sharpening services. We use top-of-the-line equipment recommended by the world’s top knife manufacturers, so you know you’re getting the best sharpening possible. Simply bring your knives in wrapped in a towel, and we’ll get them sharpened and ready to go in less than 24 hours. Don't forget to check out our upcoming knife skills class so that your can put your freshly sharpened knives to good use! 

What Do We Charge?

Knives over 5" are $6.75

Knives under 5" are $4.75

Serrated knives are $7.75 regardless of length

We're always offering a variety of classes to practice your knife skills, so keep an eye on our class scheduleContact us today to learn more!