Slow Cooking Goes Global

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Slow Cooking Goes Global
It's a dream come true, walk in the door after a long day at work and supper is ready! For the cooler season ahead, we've moved our slow cooker to the front of the kitchen countertop.

IN THIS ISSUE, we explore one of our favorite cooking techniques, slow cooking. Just how does it work? Where does slow cooking excel, and where does it not perform? Then, we’ve put slow cooking techniques to work with three recipes each with a global flair.
Deliciousness awaits!
Slow Cooking
Slow Cooking
The Basics
Key Temperatures
RECIPE: Chicken Tikka Masala In a Slow Cooker
Handy Tools for Slow Cooking
RECIPE: Pork Carnitas
Advantages and Disadvantages of Slow Cooking
RECIPE: Slow-Cooked Beef Bourguignon
How to Deglaze
How to Thicken
Smart Tips for Slow Cooking
Slow Cooking Goes Global
Cooking Classes
More Details