Pasta Perfect Homemade Ravioli Workshop (2179)

Pasta Perfect Homemade Ravioli Workshop (2179)


Thursday, September 12th, 2019 @ 6:15pm to 8:45pm
CHEF/INSTRUCTOR: Cat Parker-Browne

In this delicious class, you will learn the timeless technique of fresh ravioli making, starting with the perfect dough, fillings, shaping, and saucing. You will not only be able to enjoy eating the luscious fruits of your labor at the end of the class, but it will be worthy of entertaining with at home. Once you've learned a few tips and tricks, you will be able to apply them to any type of pasta, short or long, flat or filled, from lasagne to pappardelle to tagliatelle. That's amore!

Grilled chicken, zucchini and corn ravioli with queso cheese in a light mascarpone sauce
Three-cheese ravioli with ratatouille sauce


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