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Browse the shelves of Whisk, and you’ll find anything you could ever want for your home bar — and even things you didn’t know you needed. What’s more, we can help you accessorize your bar cart with slate trays, serving boards, cheese spreaders and other essential pieces for entertaining. Stop in to see our wide selection of quality glassware by Brooklyn Slate Company, Capabunga, Caspari, Chateau Spill, ChirpyTop, Cilio, Corkcicle, Fox Run, Govino, HIC, Lifefactory, Metrokane, OXO, Peugot, Prepara, Prodyne, Rabbit, RSVP, Swissmar, Talisman, Thirstystone, Tillen Farms, Tovolo, Trudeau, True, Twine, Vacu Vin, Viski, Zwilling J.A. Henkels, and more. 
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Moscow Mule Mug by TRUE

Absinthe Spoons:  This slotted decorative spoon is made to dissolve sugar into a glass of absinthe in the classic French style where ice water is carefully dripped onto the sugar cube so it will gradually dissolve. 

Ah, So Cork Removers:  Sometimes, older wine corks can be difficult. They may be brittle and dry, making them fragile and difficult to remove. Using an Ah So cork remover, you can carefully slide the prongs between the cork and the neck of the bottle to remove and old cork more easily.  

Bar Spoons:  Different from your average spoon, a bar spoon typically has a long shaft (for reaching the bottom of tall glasses), a spiral handle (for easy twisting of the shaft and getting between ice particles) and a petite spoon bowl (for floating liquors). This type of spoon is essential for stirring and layering drinks as well as tedious tasks like fishing cherries or olives out of a jar. 

Champagne Stoppers:  Once you open a bottle of champagne or prosecco, this tool is essential for resealing the bottle and retaining the freshness, flavor, and fizz.

Channel Zesters:  A garnish is an important component of almost any cocktail. The channel zester is an awesome tool for creating a classic twisted zest and for infusing the drink with the oils from the fruit.   

Cocktail Napkins:  Cocktail napkins are just classy. What more can we say!  

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Cocktail Shakers:  Many cocktails and martinis require the ingredients to be mixed together beforehand; or to be strained or shaken on ice. For all this and more, the shaker is at your service. 

Cocktail Strainers:  If you’re going to make cocktails, you’ll need a cocktail strainer. Some shakers come with a built-in strainer in the lid but nothing beats the versatility of the standard bar cocktail strainer.

Corkscrews: The winged and 2-step corkscrews are essentially three tools in one—a knife, a corkscrew, and a bottle opener. The knife is used to cut through the seal on the top of the wine bottle, the corkscrew used to twist out the wine cork, and the bottle opener is an additional accessory, used to open beer bottles. If you want something even easier, we have electric corkscrews as well.

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Foil Cutters: If you’re opening up a bottle of wine, your job might be a little easier if you have a foil cutter. With a squeeze, a quarter turn, and a lift, this tool quickly and easily removes foil from wine bottles making it easier to remove the cork.

Funnels: Shaped with a wide mouth and a narrow stem, a funnel is used for decanting flavored syrups and spirits into bottles. If you’re trying to keep the bar and yourself from being covered in a sticky mess, make sure you have a funnel around for easy transfers.

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Ice Tongs/Ice Scoops: How else would you pick up ice when making drinks for guests?  

Jiggers: When cocktails need exact measurements, the jigger is your go-to tool.

Juicers: If you’re making fresh craft cocktails, you’ll likely want to include some freshly squeezed juice in your recipes. Also known as a citrus squeezer, the juicer uses a levered design with a hinged bowl and handles to effortlessly extract fruit juice.  



Measuring Spoons/Cups: A complete set of metal or plastic measuring spoons or cups is sometimes necessary for dry ingredients, such as herbs and spices, and small amounts of liquids, like teaspoons or tablespoons of simple syrup.

Muddlers: A muddler is a classic and simple tool that’s essential for mashing fresh ingredients to go in your Mojito, Mint Julep, Old-Fashioned, Caipirinha, or other muddled drinks.  

Paring Knives: Whether you’re cutting zests to twist over cocktails, prepping lemon wedges, or slicing apples to place on drink rims, this 3-inch long blade should be your tool of choice.

Pour Spouts: Pour spouts are great for helping you avoid over-pouring, spillage, and wasted time. 

Spice Graters: Whether you’re looking to grate chocolate, cinnamon, or orange skins, a spice grater is a great addition to your behind-the-bar arsenal. This tool allows you to quickly and efficiently extract flavor for craft cocktails.  

Toothpicks: Although they may be tiny, toothpicks are still essential tools. They’re a crucial component for certain cocktail garnishes such as the olives in a classic martini. Our toothpicks come in varieties such as classic wood, bamboo knot, and even decorative stainless steel.  

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Y Peelers: Named for its shape, this tool features a sharp, stainless steel blade. It’s made for removing fruit and vegetable skins, making it the perfect tool for creating beautiful drink garnishes