4 day - Top Chef Essential Cooking Techniques (2101)

4 day - Top Chef Essential Cooking Techniques (2101)


4 day - Top Chef Essential Cooking Techniques
Ages: 7-16

Monday, July 29th - Thursday, August 1st @ 10:00am - 12:30pm
CHEF/INSTRUCTOR: Teresa Fox, Cherisse Byers, Cat Browne

This Summer, Whisk has developed a fun-filled camp dedicated to teaching your kids the essential cooking techniques taught at our favorite culinary schools!  In this class,, we will introduce a series of menu items each day that incorporate a variety of cooking techniques.  Whisk’s chefs will teach your kids when and where to use certain techniques, and how to put different techniques together to create a dish. Our professional culinary team will inspire your kids and give them skills that will last a lifetime!

The camp will also focus on teaching your young chefs knife skills, food safety, team work, healthy dietary practices, how to read and organize recipe procedures, and preparing “mis en place“ (everything in its place - measuring & chopping ingredients before they begin cooking).  They will be working in small teams to develop their team cooking skills. 

On the first day, each student will be given the week’s recipes packets, so that they can become familiar with what they will be cooking throughout the week. Each day of the camp, they will prepare a complete meal incorporating the techniques they have learned that day.

 Important Requirements:
-Students are required wear closed toe shoes and tie their hair back if they have long hair.
-Parents must pick their students up promptly at the end of class, as we cannot watch the students after the class ends.
-If a student has ANY dietary restrictions, parents must fill out Whisk’s dietary restriction form at least 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the camp(s) the student is attending.


Day One: One Pan Wonders
Lemon chicken in “hobo packs” with herbed couscous (steaming and campfire cooking)
-Beef tacos (roasting, one pan meals, seasoning)
-One dish lasagna (sauce essentials, layering ingredients, baking, freezing)

Day Two: International Dinners
-Sweet marinated chicken with rice pilaf (searing, braising, perfecting rice)
-Crispy Pork tenders with dipping sauce (breading and pan frying)
-Asian grilled steak with vegetable noodles (marinades, grilling, and spiralizing)

Day Three: Pâte-á-choux
-Chocolate eclairs (pâte-á-choux sweet pastry, filling and glaze)
-Cheddar cheese puffs (savory pastry)
-Churro waffles with caramel sauce (batters, waffle making, and warm toppings)

Day Four: Biscuits
-Bacon and chive biscuits (savory biscuits)
-Classic buttermilk biscuits (batter, working with molds, baking)
-Cheesy Chicken Biscuits (tenderizing, coating, pan frying)
-Strawberry shortcakes (quick summer desserts)


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