Superior Japanese Craftsmanship for Tomorrow's Kitchen

Mac Knives

Entirely manufactured in Japan, MAC knives are precision tools in the kitchen. Shaped, assembled, polished and sharpened by professional Japanese craftsmen, each piece is equipped with a razor-sharp edge and comfortable handles.

Known as some of the sharpest knives in the world, the MAC brand is used and endorsed by some of the top chefs around the globe including Thomas Keller, Charlie Trotter, Nobu Matsuhisa, and Eric Ripert.


  • Produced by professional craftsmen in Seki City, renowned for superior sword manufacturing since the Middle Ages
  • Blades are hand-ground, and hand-sharpened on water-cooled stones to optimize the quality of the finished blade
  • The thin razor-sharp blades are sharper and stay sharp longer than other leading knife brands
  • Easy to re-sharpen