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Come for a relaxed evening at Whisk with an event held by pop up dinner phenom Alex and his underground restaurant - Reunion Park. Alex trained at Heron’s, An, and 42 Grams, this will be a night full of unique dishes and delectable treats.

Date: Monday, April 15th @ 6:15pm - 8:15pm

Price: $125 per person

Please join us for a very fun evening of socializing and sitting directly across the counter from us!
Please bring your favorite beer or wine!

9 Course Tasting Menu

Course 1: Brioche toast, toasted in clarified butter with strawberry jam

Course 2: Pork & Bun: pork belly, cucumber & scallion on a steamed lotus bun

Course 3: Potato - confit & seared, fermented & seared, potato purée, smoked potato espuma, fingerling potato chips, potato & onion crumb with chive oil

Course 4: Scallop, butter & orange: seared scallop, Beurre Monte, orange zest and seaweed salt

Course 5: Beef, celery root, garlic & onion

Course 6: Ginger & Strawberry: ginger beer and strawberry ice cubes

Course 7: Coconut: coconut pudding made from fresh coconuts, coconut crumb, Thai basil oil & citrus

Course 8: Hot Chocolate - shaved almonds & almond foam

Course 9: Cinnamon roll with cream cheese frosting

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