Michelle H.

“We love taking classes together at Whisk! It’s a great way to have a date night and learn something new & useful! We always laugh with the chefs and leave very well fed.” -Michelle H.

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"Attended Beef, Bacon & Beer class tonight. We cannot say enough about what a great experience this was! We learned a lot, had a full course meal, and enjoyed the fellowship. Instructor Ana and the staff were outstanding. Food was excellent as well as the beer and wine! We will look for another class to take for sure!"
- Laurie

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Regina Alberici Kaiser

“My son attended your Top Chef Junior Summer Camp and it was fabulous. I could tell right away as we stepped into Chef Teresa's organized & impeccable kitchen that he was going to be taught real cooking skills in an authentic cooking environment.

Chef Teresa not only is a knowledgeable chef, but she manages a kids camp extremely well too. Teresa has a great rapport with the children and the parents. I also love how there are many assistants to keep the class moving and keep supplies ready/clean. Their diligent work showed that they are all equally invested in the success of the camp. I loved the fact that it was definitely a busy, working camp…..knife skills, kitchen safety, chopping, dicing, marinating, seasoning…..the list goes on. Equally adventurous was the fact that the campers made full meals including starter, entrée and dessert each day.

When I came back to pick up my camper the first day, I could tell immediately it was a success. Waifs of pork dumplings, Kung Pao chicken, stir fried veggies and almond cookies filled the air. Kids feasted on their creations voraciously diving into peppers, broccoli, carrots, zucchini. I've never seen kids so willingly eat veggies as they were eating. My son included. They loaded their plates with spicy chicken and dipped pork dumplings into the tangy sauce. They even used serving utensils. Total bonus that parents got to taste the items cooked too. That helps connect the "Mom we've got to make this at home" comments.

Again - thank you for this wonderful camp. We would be interested in another week or 2 of this style camp if you are able to do more throughout the year. Maybe over school holidays? Even a 3-day camp would be good.
- Regina Alberici Kaiser

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Neal Sugarman

“Everyone enjoyed the experience. Pam was an awesome chef and engaged everyone in the prep and cooking of the meal. The entire group had a great time and can't wait to do it again. The food was absolutely incredible and I can't wait to try the recipes they gave us in my own kitchen.“
- Neal Sugarman

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Lesa Hall

“Yesterday, I attended the Homemade Pasta Workshop. It was the first cooking class that I had ever attended. I thoroughly enjoyed it. We learned how to make homemade pasta, the correct thickness for various pasta shapes like bowtie, linguini, and ravioli. We also made all three types. All students were provided with the recipes for the dishes we made in class and we got to eat what we made and it was delicious. 

The kitchen workshop space easily accommodated the 20 students and there were lots of staff on hand to assist. We also received a 10% off gift card to use on any non-food, non-sale item. I look forward to my next class at Whisk.”
- Lesa Hall

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Allison Smaldone

“My husband Robert and I thoroughly enjoyed our evening out at Whisk last night. Chef Kimbrulee was fun and entertaining and the food was absolutely delicious! We will definitely be attending another cooking lesson. Thanks Kim and Whisk! :)”
- Allison Smaldone

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Katie Cook Johns 

“Thank you for being so helpful during my last visit! Very friendly and great service. My husband enjoyed a class a few months ago and the staff was very helpful in getting him situated with his sprained ankle!”

- Katie Cook Johns

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