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Are there any prep tasks that you wish you could do better or more efficiently? At Whisk, "We've got a tool for that" is always the answer! We love finding the latest and greatest cooks' tools and gadgets that are aimed to make cooking quicker, easier, or simply more fun.

Whisk's Cooking Gadget Guide

Check out our extensive kitchen tool guide below. Whether you need it or you just gotta have it, you're sure to love any new chef "toy" you find at Whisk. Psst… our gadgets also make great gifts for cooks of all levels! Below are just a few of the types of tools you'll find in our Cary kitchen store:

Need it! - Everyday Kitchen Essentials

  • Choppers, Slicers, Mandolines, & Mashers - versatile tools to expedite prep work
  • Cleaning Accessories - bottle cleaners and more
  • Colanders & Strainers - used to strain water from foods such as pasta or veggies
  • Graters & Zesters - innovative designs to catch zest and cheese shreds as you grate
  • Peelers & Corers - must-have for fruit and veggie fans
  • Rolling Pins - for your baking needs and handy for other off-hand prep tasks as well
  • Measuring Cups & Spoons - collapsible and top measurements options for added convenience
  • Mixing & Prep Bowls - plastic, metal, and glass varieties, plus options with included lids
  • Openers - choose from traditional or electric can openers, jar openers, and bottle openers
  • Potholders & Mitts - gripped models keep your hands safe and steady when working with hot materials
  • Thermometers - reliable probe food thermometers (digital or traditional)
  • Timers - stylish models with tons of features to help you stay on track when cooking
  • Whisks - whip up eggs and cream (probably our favorite utensil here at Whisk!)
  • Tongs - ideal for maneuvering ice or hot foods
  • Wooden, metal, and silicone utensils - wide variety of sets to tackle any recipe


Gotta Have it! - Specialty Chef Tools

  • Baking & Pastry Tools - pastry blenders, cake decorating tips, and more
  • BBQ & Grilling Tools - skewer, spatulas, mitts, and presses
  • Food Mills - used to puree and strain soft food
  • Himalayan Salt Blocks - can be heated and used to cook food such as steaks
  • Juicers & Reamers - used to extract juices from fruits and vegetables
  • Meat & Seafood Tools - tenderizers, shears, choppers, seafood crackers
  • Mortars and Pestles - crush and grind ingredients such spices into powders and pastes
  • Oil Cruets - containers used to spray or pour oils
  • Pasta-Making Tools - pasta machines, stamps, and dryers
  • Pizza Tools - pizza stones, cutters, crispers, and wheels
  • Salt & Pepper Mills - grind salt and pepper fresh right onto your food
  • Salt Pigs - open container with wide mouth and hood to store salt
  • Scales - measure ingredients and portions accurately
  • Spice Racks - store your spices with convenience and style
  • Salad Spinners - bowl and strainer attachment with handle to flick away water from washing
  • Storage Gadgets - containers to keep your food fresh and your kitchen organized


Whisk is Your Source for Innovative & Fun Kitchen Gadgets

We carry tools for cooks, bakers, and barbecuers alike! Come visit our Cary kitchen store today to view our unbeatable selection, and be sure to reach out to one of our friendly team members to help you find just the right tool for your cooking needs.

Whisk Kitchen | A Community of Cooks

“I think cooking and food is something that unites everybody. Being able to share that with our friends and our neighbors people that we meet here in the store is something that really, really makes us feel like we are sharing our passion. Diane and I started this business with the idea of building a community of cooks but the true test of that is does the community build on itself and take a new life of its own? And that's really what's happened We've got the community of chefs and that's profession based and they cook in a restaurant Then we've got assistants who help out in the kitchen passionate cooks, people who just love to be around the kitchen. Our customers are a big community. We try to bring people into the store we try to educate them, entertain them, and inspire them. It's the sharing of the food and the technique and the skills that makes it so delightful. Whether it is sharing through a class, a party. Sharing tools that can make cooking more fun, easier. There is no other cooking store that has the inventory that they have. I get the expert advice as well as the product I'm looking for. This store is built with over 15,000 different, unique items. and all of those tools have a purpose. We've got the tool that will provide value, and also help them accomplish whatever they want to accomplish. When students come in for our classes they can expect great training, technique, fun, and a party! But they can pick and choose what they want We have some students that come in so they can up their game We've got other students who might come in for a Friday or Saturday night They're getting a show, they are getting technical training but they sit back, relax, sip on a glass of wine and it's their choice how much they participate. I love that look on a persons face when they go "oh my gosh, I can't wait to go home and try this out" Literally, cooking changes the chemical compounds in food Figuratively, cooking changes the way you eat, it changes the way people interact together, and it changes your experience. It's in that process, where you're sitting together, you're cooking you're learning about what's being cooked, but really what's happening is you're starting to talk about life stories. It's through those life stories that you end up getting enriched yourself because it just broadens your experience Everyone has to sustain themselves and if we can do it together in the kitchen it's something that we really want to nurture in our community. We are really, truly a community of cooks and people love it.”