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Cookware from Whisk Carolina in Cary, NCWhisk is here to help you build your dream kitchen from the ground up. We stock all the essentials you need to tap into your inner chef. Whether you just moved into a new home, or it's time for an upgrade on your current kitchen supplies, Whisk has the products and the know-how to provide you with the right quality cookware at a competitive price.

Cookware by Le Creuset, Cuisinart, Chantal, All-Clad & More

When it comes to cooking supplies, we always recommend choosing quality brands with a name you can trust. That's why our team of experienced chefs carefully hand picks every pressure cooker, skillet, and spatula that makes its way into our shop. We are your source for All Clad cooking utensils, Le Creuset cookware, and so much more.

Whisk's Cookware Guide

Whether you're a master chef or just getting started with your cooking career, there are fundamental cookware items that you simply can't go without. Check out our list of cookware essentials below, and visit us in-store to browse our incredible selection.

  • Fry pan - Shallow with a long handle to keep you safe when cooking with oil
  • Dutch oven - Thick ceramic or aluminum pan with tight lid
  • Wok & Stir Fry Pans - Rounded bottom for easier stirring
  • Steamers - Pot insert for easy removal/draining
  • Roasting pan - Often includes a rack to hold large roasts over the pan
  • Stock pot - Very large, tall pot, great for soups
  • Sauce pan - Deep metal pan with lid
  • Saute pan - Straight sides with larger surface area
  • Cast iron skillet - Ideal for any cooktop (or campfire)
  • Grill pan - Raised ridges for that grilled look and taste right on your stove top
  • Griddle pan - Flat surface perfect for pancakes or eggs

Be sure to pick out pots and pans in a size range that fits your typical cooking capacity.

Come Visit Our Cookware Store! 

Our Cary kitchenware store is fully stocked with an incredible selection of cookware by top brands. Our team is eager to assist you with picking out the perfect products for your unique needs and preferences. And, when you're ready to learn more about the tips and tricks to best utilize your new cooking utensils and supplies, check out our cooking classes!