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Grill, Picnic & Tailgate Party

Steven Raichlen, RSVP, Rosle, Charcoal Companion and More

If you’re an electric grill master, charcoal connoisseur or ceramic grill specialist, Whisk has you covered. Our Cary, NC cooking store carries has an unbeatable variety of quality products perfect for outdoor cooking and entertaining.

Grill Supplies by Craftsmen, Charcoal Companion, Steven Raichlen & More

When it comes to grilling, there's no room to sacrifice quality, so our grill tools and equipment don't either. We carry top brands such as Steven Raichlen, RSVP, Rosle, Charcoal Companion, Craftsmen, Fire Wire, Dizzy Pig, and more for all of your BBQ needs. We also proudly stock rubs and sauces made right here in North Carolina to compliment your grilled meats, fish, and vegetables.

Whisk's Outdoor Cooking & Entertaining Guide

For cooking and serving outdoors, you'll want to be sure to pick up a few essential tools and supplies. Check out our guide below, and visit our cooking store to find everything you need!

  • Grilling tools - various nonstick or stainless steel kits that contain all the essentials
  • Skewers - great for veggie and meat kabobs
  • Spatulas - made from metal with long handles for safety
  • Mitts - thick and durable for added protection, with sleek options for maximum mobility
  • Marinator/grill trays - used over the grill for small or delicate food
  • Rubs & sauces - enhance your grilled masterpieces with heat and flavor
  • Grill presses & brands - ensures even cooking and prevents ends from curling up
  • Grill cleaning brushes - regular, thorough cleaning enhances the longevity of your grill
  • Smokers - add authentic BBQ smoke flavor to any meat or vegetable
  • Aprons - functional and stylish, with pockets to keep all your tools within reach
  • Outdoor dinnerware, linens, & accessories - no grill is complete without the accessories to accommodate it

Upgrade Your Outdoor Cooking & Entertaining with Whisk!

Visit our Cary cooking store to enhance your grilling and outdoor dining experience today. Hint Hint - Our grill and picnic supplies also make great gifts for that special someone!