Recycle Your Cookware At Whisk!

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Recycle your old cookware And Get 20% off New Cookware!

Bring in your clean, used cookware anytime in October and get 20% OFF new cookware at Whisk. We will recycle it, place it with a family in need and you can buy yourself NEW cookware.*

(*Excludes cookware sets & already discounted items)

Choose Cookware that is Just Right for You!

After trading in your old cookware - our retail experts can help you find pots & pans that suit your cooking style. You can choose any cookware that you can use on your stovetop:

  • Braisers

  • Dutch Ovens

  • Cast Iron Skillets

  • Fry Pans

  • Grill Pans

  • Griddles

  • Paella Pans

  • Roasters

  • Sauce Pans

  • Sauciers

  • Skillets

  • Soup Pots

  • Woks

  • And more!

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SO MAny Brands to Choose From!

Our Cary kitchenware store is fully stocked with an incredible selection of cookware by top brands, and our team of experienced cooks carefully hand picks every piece that is stocked on our shelves.

You can choose from the many cookware brands we carry:

  • Staub

  • Le Creuset

  • Ballarini

  • Black Cube

  • Woll

  • Lodge Cast Iron

  • Finex

  • American Clad

  • deBuyer

  • And More!